Our modern CNC machining centers with both off-line programming and conversational
capabilities allow economical production of parts.  Three dimensional contoured  
surfaces are typical on many of the parts frequently produced by Ultra-Tech.

We actively participate in inventory programs with many of our customers. This has
helped reduce component cost for them, as well as reducing the amount of inventory on
their shelves with "J.I.T.-type" deliveries.

Ultra-Tech has a wide variety of equipment which allows us the flexibility to handle
prototype parts, small quantity runs, as well as production quantities.

From the time your project enters our facility until the time it is delivered to your door, we
monitor your project to meet your delivery deadlines. We are able to handle the entire
project, from initial planning and prints, manufacturing, assembly, testing and shipment of
the final product.

With our versatility in machining services, whatever you need, Ultra-Tech can produce it.
Our machining services include CNC horizontal machining centers with full 4th Axis, CNC
vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, Manual milling machines, manual lathes and

Many of our customers require parts be produced from various materials. To provide a
quick turnaround and shorter processing time, we store stock materials such as aluminum,
stainless steel, brass, cold finish steels, hot rolled steel and plastics.

3 Axis CNC Milling and Turning
Welding(MIG,TIG) and Specialized Assembly
All Materials:  Aluminum, Stainless, Plastic, Ferrous or Non Ferrous Metals

Ultra-Tech Inc.
Specialists in Custom Machining and Manufacturing

Ultra-Tech's full service machining and manufacturing facility offers

 you quality products delivered on time and at a competitive price.

4 Axis Horizontal and Vertical Milling
Ultra Tech Inc.
3000 Power Drive
Kansas City, KS 66106
phone: 913-262-7009
fax: 913-262-7210

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